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A Pirate Adventure Two pirate crews in search of buried treasure were marooned in Philmont for the summer. They were spotted recently walking through town, hornswaggling local merchants.

Arrr! The reading program at the Philmont Public Library had a pirate theme this year, and the young book-aneers were taking a rest from their reading to pillage the land.

Merchants participating in the Treasure Hunt included the Philmont Post Office, Key Bank, Lagonia’s, Local 111, the Village Office and Scoops.

A total of 52 swashbucklers signed up for the program that continues until August 11.

Captain and Reading Coordinator, Vonda Teaney and her First Mate, Interim Director Karen Garafalo are both grateful to the local businesses for their help in the Summer Reading Program. Shiver me timbers!

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