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100 ft. long estate wall in Red Hook, NY One of the oldest professions is now "communicating with the world" according to Tim Smith, T.D. Smith Co-founder. T.D. Smith Stonemasonry of Philmont recently announced the launch of their website, tdsmithstonemasonry.com.

The website includes their philosophy of creating stone structures, before and after photos of their projects, information about their team of masons, and their unique apprenticeship program.

T.D. Smith Stonemasonry has been in the stone business for over 30 years, developing everlasting landscapes and structures throughout the Hudson Valley and around the world. Husband and wife team, Tim and Laura Smith don't just build beautiful stone structures; they also have a sense of duty to pass on their rich knowledge of stone to young people in the community, so they too can learn about the personal rewards of working with stone.

Fish pond surrounded by brick and stone patio Their apprenticeship program is open to all, the only requirement being a willingness to work hard. Their apprentices "learn to be successful on the job and in life by doing it with their own hands and seeing the fruits of their labor".

Fellow team members Robert Charron, Jeff Stalling, Ben Hart, and Jay Perez all have specialties that can be adapted to any job, large or small.

Tim and Laura also have a rich heritage in Philmont, as residents of the Village and as stewards of the youth center in Philmont for many years.

Samples of TD Smith's workmanship are vibrantly displayed on their website or by driving around the Hudson Valley (or flying around the world). Foundations, Steps, Bridges, Walls, Patios and Porches, Paths, Gardens, Fireplaces and Ovens, Ponds, Pools and Waterfalls, as well as historic constructions show the diverse projects and range of their masonry skills. Before photos show a world of possibilities, and after photos show those possibilities realized through the artful disposition of stone.

Being builders, Tim and Laura have already put together plans for the next phase of their website construction. Planned updates due out later this month include case studies of landmark projects of which T.D. Stonemasonry has been involved, including St. John the Divine Cathedral in New York City; Do-It-Yourself tutorials for small homeowner stone projects; and photos and purchasing information for the large landscape stones that come from the couple's country property.

To find out more about T.D. Smith Stonemasonry, you can check out their website at tdsmithstonemasonry.com. Contact T.D. Smith Stonemasonry Tim and Laura Smith
PO Box 778, Philmont NY 12565
PHONE: (518) 672-4656

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